Male lessons to learn

With the whole set of things going on in Barbados lately, it has been very sad how most of them ended. We have had the schoolchildren expressing themselves sexually and the media being fairly ignorant in publishing the visual. The point was cemented when the law decided to make an example, in my opinion, of the heads and writer of the media house involved.

I don’t wish any further punishment on the ones in question. I expect no more than a stern telling off and a possible fine. As for the children involed in the whole scene they are now the victims of society’s sick pleasures, thanks to cellular phones.

We seldom think of what we are doing when we get wrapped up in the warped habit of passing around these sorts of videos. No thought of whom we are hurting or embarrassing –– due to their innocent ignorance.

I have heard now that there are more such underage sex videos involving children from a few more schools. I am not too sure which schools there are, but I just hope that the viral transfer of them comes to a halt. Adults have also felt the heat and were left blue and embarrassed when what they thought to be private videos went viral.

My advice to those who want to impress their lady or guy is to keep your face out of the video or pic. We will experiment at times, but the best way to avoid the mess is to never do it in the first place. Trust no one at all. Relationships go sour and phones could be stolen or lost.

This brings me to the issue of the police and the alleged tortoise actions taken while dealing with reported matters. It has been a season of aggression leading to serious bodily harm or murder lately. Men unable to separate from their former lovers or would-be lovers and showing off their never-dying love by beating or killing them. These cowards then kill themselves to avoid the law, tending to forget the main court they will have to face after death.

Society will have all the stories as to why he did the senseless act when the truth is that there is no real excuse for senseless acts. Where did it all go wrong? What could it be that turns the men all so possessive and violent to the point of no return. Is it a case of Romeo and Juliet or Bonnie and Clyde, or just a simple case of “can’t take a done”? The law needs to be swifter in handling these cases that could end very wrong.

I have seen the aggressive behaviour toward females start in some men during their teen years. The fact that they can be the ever-powerful and be cowardly enough to fight a woman. Many times some men cannot forget what they have given the woman

and feel it is within their right to exact every penny given. A very schoolyard-like behaviour!

Having a female who is going to allow that action and give the impression that they are at fault lends to even more violent behaviour. If you train your animal to be a careless or heartless beast, don’t expect it to be anything short of such when it grows up. Administer the right human qualities and that animal will not refrain from those teachings. That is my belief and I live by it.

I have seen the most vicious breed of dogs get transformed into pussy cats and at times have seen some play with pussy cats too. If we can do that to animals, why can’t we do it to one of our own? We don’t own any female or live in a society where women are almost silenced because of what I see as silly views and old practices; but some men believe they can scare a female into submission one way or the other.

It will hurt when a loved one passes or when we break up with our partners; but we need to learn how to deal with it. People will move on one way or the other; so it is a fact of life. Too often we hear of the many fishes in the sea, but yet some act as though they are not skilful enough to toss out the line.

Many times it is not a balanced relationship, but nothing is perfect; so we need to watch how we dive into

things. Some of us fear accepting we have mental conditions, and it is very prevalent among many but tend to go unnoticed until it is too late. Whatever the reason is for the unforgiveable actions, the final result is always one that scars both sides.

All I can do is hope that my fellow males will learn to be more tolerant and get to know that there is nothing wrong with crying and purging the heart of the hurt. Look at our female counterparts; they do it and get on with their lives with the help of a girlfriend and a great snack.

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