Land Tax workers still waiting for relocation

Workers of the Land Tax Department in the Old National Insurance Building on Fairchild Street, The City, are yet to be relocated to the Warrens
# 11 Building in Warrens, St Michael. Yesterday, general secretary of the National Union of Public Workers, Denis Clarke, and senior industrial relations officer Wayne Walrond met with the workers at the office on Fairchild Street for about an hour to discuss the situation.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY, Walrond said the NUPW had expressed concern about the length of time taken to move the workers to more comfortable surroundings.

The senior industrial officer said: “We at the union understand that the management of the department has not located suitable furnitute for the new location. In the interim, workers are reporting for work but finding themselves in uncomfortable surroundings.

“The delay is taking a mental toll on the workers who would like that the relocation is done expeditiously. The workers want the department to be fully functional so that they can collect revenue for the Government.”

Walrond noted that the workers had taken action over the past two weeks and thought that period was more than enough time to address the matter
of relocation.

He hinted that the NUPW might have to ask other workers employed at the Holetown, Speightstown and Oistins branches to come out and show solidarity with their Fairchild Street colleagues.

Walrond also hinted that the conditions under which the workers were asked to function could be seen as a breach of the Health And Safety Regulations.

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  1. in house observer November 28, 2013 at 8:51 am

    please note the building was in this condition for years, they are only striking because they don’t want to with the Barbados revenue authority. It was told to staff what are the plans for department at a recently held meeting and where they will be located. They are some staff members working and the ones on strike are still coming in the building if it was that bad they should not eat lunch in there. The BRA is breaking up there happy home and this is true reason for the strike and if they dont go back to work they all should be fired for walking off the job and causing the GOV to loose money


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