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f3f833e1-c8e4-4dda-923d-836ac9750f3bHundreds of Barbadians have signed a petition demanding the banning of cellphones in schools, in light of the posting of two new pornographic video tapes on Facebook, showing students on the compound of two schools engaging in sexual acts.

Led by drug educator, counsellor and minister of religion Roger Husbands, a small group of young people staged a peaceful demonstration in front of Parliament this afternoon, while at the same time, soliciting signatures for a campaign against cellphones in schools. Husbands said the Government

will also be given an ultimatum to put measures in place, not already standing by to join in an expanded campaign, an action

only to enforce the no-cellphone rule in schools, but to show its intention to amend two pieces of legislation that could help address the shooting of porn and to bring stiffer sentences to perpetrators, as well as parents.

The counsellor told reporters the ultimatum now had to be decided by the committee behind this campaign. He disclosed that more than 200 signatures had so far been taken from Barbadians during the initiative in Bridgetown today.

“We will put the petition in an envelope. I have already contacted the relevant ministries, and will give them X amount of time; the committee will decide that time to put things in place. If not, we will come out in our masses and go striking,” he declared.

Husbands revealed that a large number of people were

that would be taken if the proposed deadline was not met. He said he and his group would therefore be calling on parent- teacher associations, school principals, teachers’ unions and churches to give solidarity.

“We will open up to the masses,” he added. “The petition is to force the Government to endorse legislation to protect the child.”

The drug eductor is demanding nine things from the Government. For example, “the arrest and imprisonment of all persons, young and old, who video- tape and distribute this child porn”. Others include enforcement of the no-cell phone rule at primary and secondary schools, holding parents accountable for enforcing the same rule, “and if these rules are broken, with investigation, place a heavy fine on parents who don’t comply”.

He is also demanding that the Computer Misuse Transactions Act be amended to bring the legislation in line 

with the current trends among young people. Husbands wants,

as well, the proper equipping of the Internet Office, which has

been in place for a long time. By doing this, he suggested, the

officers would be better able to carry out “upscale investigtion”

into porn activities and online sexual expositions. (EJ)



7 Responses to Phone ban demand

  1. sungoddess November 6, 2013 at 6:01 am

    Is it just me or does that seem a pointless exercise?

    Banning smart phones at school is not going to stop teenagers from having sex in any available corner. We didn’t have cell phones and my generation were still screwing in classrooms.

    Stop buying teenagers smart phones… do that! Talk to your kids about safe sex! DO THAT!

  2. AOG November 6, 2013 at 6:51 am

    Another example of people complaining for complaining sake. Sheeple are everywhere these days. How will banning phones solve the problem?

    While you are at it, ban computers, tablets, phabletes and any other device with a camera. That will put a halt to the core problem…

  3. M Turton November 6, 2013 at 7:41 am

    It is amazing that we acquire so of the best education offered and yet we cannot use it afterwards to analyze problems, we also seek to impose draconian solutions that “don’t work” to punish all for the deviance of a small percentage. The phone is a mere tool used to highlight and expose the deviant behaviour. This issue has highlighted a serious decline in societal norms and morality and brings to bare a deficiency in parenting skills (ie the ability to instill discipline and good moral standards in our youth), and inefficiencies in our school system which are some of the main issues to be address. I have posted a message asking persons to be responsible and not to share the videos.

    Additionally I am examining an alternative solution for the phones which may be 95% effective (deviance can never be 100% removed) and can present business solutions for some entities in the island; parents will have play a critical role with this solution. Technology is good, and has to be used responsibly and we as adults err daily with cell phone use which is only mimicked by the youth. “The norm today is out phone, record and post” Adults have to lead the charge and set good examples.
    I will email my suggestion to the editor shortly.

  4. kj November 6, 2013 at 9:52 am

    Oh……so now they can have sex without anyone finding out about it? Get a grip people!

  5. reasonable mom November 6, 2013 at 10:45 pm

    Is the root cause of all these videos the cellphone? Are the persons who are clamoring for the banning of cell phones aware that there are other devices that can be used for the same purpose? The problem has little to do with a phone, a tablet or an IPOD but has much more to do with respect for self, for school, for parents and relatives.. Basic decent morals and good values are sadly lacking in these cases and the banning of a cellphone cannot solve this problem! we need to get to the root not scratch the surface!

    On another point, do we wonder why children might take phones to school? or do we simply say that in our day there were no phones and we got by. In our day, we went to school and came back home, some of us might have participated in Guides or Cadets and that was it, we did not have loads of lessons to go to each evening all over the island in order to pass CXCs (the need for so much lessons is another topic for another time) Parents are at work,the bus service is deplorable. As a parent would you not be more comfortable knowing that if your child is stranded somewhere (buses break down, they get into accidents I have received calls from my child with both these scenarios) they can reach you? or with everything that is happening in society we would we rather that our children go to a stranger’s house to get a phone message?

    There is so much more that can be discussed…..

  6. lynda November 7, 2013 at 11:01 am

    i totally agree with m turton, sungoddess and kj.everyone including verla depeeza on mornin bdos is saying sex was going on in school…so are we continue to ignore this or put thing in place to stop the nonesense in schools.banning camera phones in school is saying “have sex in school but do not record it” smhh no wonder so much teenage pregnancy, and school drop outs, because no one have the gall to deal with the adult and irresponsible behaviours of children…”when you are a child do child:s things…not adult things

  7. Shan November 7, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    Soooooooooooo this is going to stop the sexual activities how? Ya’ll just want to prevent scandal and don’t really care about the well being of the students you tend to preach about.
    Those who signed most definitely can’t have school children who they desire to hear from in case of emergency, persons being kidnapped or harmed aren’t that rare these days!
    Blame yourselves as parents for giving them the phones to misuse…


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