Taxes soon for House approval

The Freundel Stuart administration will shortly be

bringing to the House of Assembly the Consolidation Tax

and the Municipal Solid Waste Tax for approval by

that Chamber.

Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Chris

Sinckler made this disclosure today while delivering the

keynote address at a seminar sponsored by the National

Productivity Council at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford

Centre, Two Mile Hill, St Michael.

He dismissed Opposition claims that the Municipal Solid

Waste Tax was a land tax and noted that some people

have been wondering why government has called it a

municipal tax when Barbados does not have municipalities.

“This is extremely misguided ignorance. Municipal

waste is a designation given to a particular type of waste

and not a geographic designation or a civic governmental

designation of waste. In the practice of environmental

waste management and solid waste management, the

term municipal waste refers to traditional household and

commercial trash and does not refer to a municipality

as some have been suggesting. That distinguishes it from

industrial waste or chemical waste or hazardous waste or

any other type of waste.

“It is a term of trade and practice and therefore for

those who have been running around giving the impression

that we created a tax and did not know what tax we had

created, I encourage them to read a little more and they

will pick up on these matters,” Sinckler added.

Addressing the issue of the introduction of the two

bills, Sinckler said: “Very shortly I shall take to Parliament

legislation to put into law in terms of permanence, the

Consolidation Tax. That tax is expected to expire on

March 31, 2015 and it will expire on that date. That is

what the law will say and that is what will happen.

“The Municipal Solid Waste Tax that will go

to Parliament next month, but as you would have

remembered from the budget, that tax will not take effect

until 2015, therefore it is not true to say as some people

have been saying that the Commissioner of Land Tax is

trying to collect tax or will be trying to collect without the

appropriate legislation. The tax is not applicable until 2015.

We will enact the legislation anyway in 2014, but it will

not be applicable until 2015. The Municipal Solid Waste

Tax is not a land tax and is not expected to be and is not

expected to perform as a land tax. It is erroneous and

foolhardy of anyone to look at the traditional land tax and

transpose that as a municipal tax and try to come up with

a figure,” Sinckler added.

Sinckler disclosed that tomorrow Cabinet will approve

the Bill to be drafted, pointing out that it is a very simple

Bill, details of which will be shared prior to its laying and

debate in parliament. (NC)

One Response to Taxes soon for House approval

  1. Tony Webster October 24, 2013 at 6:18 am

    The “waste” has well and truly, “hit the fan”, and despite all the used-car-salesman-talk from Bay street and Church Village, …well, the “outcome” will be spread all around, and those of us with eyes (and brains) will see, touch, (and smell) the “new realities”.

    We shall all have to face the reality of having lived a bit (quite a bit) too high on the hog in the last decade or two, and our “waste-line”, will continue to be remarkably reduced for the next several years.

    Ironically, nature will yet again abhor the vacuum, and we shall see current businesses adopt new models, survive and prosper. And entirely new niche businesses flower and bloom. Unfortunately- and this is my worst nightmare- we shall also see the departing heels of bright young bajan brains…as they head-off to greener pastures. (Caveat: No accounting for such, is featured in National Statistics, nor those available on our CBB web-site). My other bad-dream, is the liklihood, of a much greater presence here, of Chinese construction folks; chinese restaurants; chinese laundries, chinese bargain-stoes; chinese supermarkets etc. Don’t worry, however, about a plethora of chinese churches.

    No, I don’t sell used cars. I believe in facing reality; in using one’s common-sense; in having faith in oneself and in using one’s God-given talents to the max. When all else fails, I also believe in prayer.

    Lord, hear our prayers…


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