Nearly 5,000 sign petition

While it was expected that there would have been a sea of

red in Queen’s Park on Sunday evening, Barbadians from

all echelons of society turned up in their numbers to either

show their support of the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP)

petition to Government for the removal of Minister of Finance

Christopher Sinckler from that post, or to just hear what the

hype of For Love Of Country was all about.

Those who were unable to grab the available chairs that

were there or those who would have walked with their own

chairs converged around the bandstand and fanned outward,

taking up every available vantage point to hear the speakers for

the evening: Dale Marshall, Senator Dr Jerome Walcott, Clyde

Mascoll, Gregory Nicholls, Kerrie Symmonds, Owen Arthur

and Opposition Leader Mia Mottley.

They spilled over into the carriageway of the park and in

the general area in front of the Queen’s Park Gallery.

Outside, along Constitution Road and St Michael’s Row, there

was a brigade of supporters, armed with booklets and pens,

encouraging Barbadians to sign the BLP’s petition. The party

faithful boarded buses and other public service vehicles to get

signatures; they flagged down private vehicles, encouraging the

occupants to sign.

At the end of the four-hour-long event, a party official

told Barbados TODAY that they had collected close to

5,000 signatures.

“From tonight [Sunday), as well, the petition would be

available online, and we will be in a number of independent

locations as well. The aim is to have the document accessible

to all Barbadians, and it will be available for a week after the no

confidence motion on Tuesday.

After that, the booklet will be subjected to an independent

auditing process and will not be submitted to Government. So

the public need not be afraid to show their support,” he said.


One Response to Nearly 5,000 sign petition

  1. christine October 12, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Yes the BLp. Is surely right the finance minister need to resign let him feel the same way the barbadians are feeling. The way this useless govt is laying off folks and the next person should go is the prime minister. That can’t get that island running so everyone could get up every day and know they have a job to go too


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