Mia cries foul

Government has been accused of trying to shut down Tuesday’s no confidence motion against Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler.

Leader Mia Mottley told yesterday’s Barbados Labour Party’s For Love Of Country rally in Queen’s Park that though the Opposition had expected the motion to be laid in the House tomorrow Tuesday, they had not anticipated they would have to debate it on that same day.

“Never before have you given notice and gone straight to debate, because it is understood that parliamentarians would want to read the charges. A motion of no confidence is no different from a charge sheet. You don’t arrest a man, charge him and put him in the dock the same time to hear the evidence, unless you’re living in some totalitarian regime.

“Let me tell yuh, they will not get the chance to say that we are not ready, because you know that I doan read from paper. So I could do the motion last night, last week, next week! And you know from listening to Kerrie Symmonds that he ready too,” Mottley said to rapturous applause.

But she lamented that it was the public of Barbados who would suffer as a result of this rushed move by Government.

“You will read the motion for the first time on Wednesday morning and by that time the motion would have been shut down and debated. So by time you see it, it would be over. I have a message for them. “You can try to shut down a Parliament and they can try, because they understand that there are tens of thousand of Barbadians that want to sign this petition. They want to say they have no confidence in Chris. There are a few others that are being cautious and want to read the no confidence motion before we sign, as is there right.

“When you seek to shut it down –– you can shut down the motion in Parliament, but you cannot shut down the motion of the people of the country. And this petition will continue for another week until after the people see the motion of no confidence, because under the Inter-American Democratic Charter, you have a right to see [it].

“But this Government is not only frightened for you, the people . . . the Governor of the Central Bank is to talk Wednesday. They want to make sure that when the Governor speaks we would have been shut down and can’t comment on what the Governor said,” the Opposition Leader proffered, while threatening that if the Governor in his his third quarter review of the economy did not “tell the country what he needs to tell the country, in clear terms, we will deal with him next weekend.

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