No confidence debate


The No Confidence motion which the parliamentary opposition Barbados Labour Party  [BLP] announced it would be bringing against Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler, will be debated  on Tuesday.

What’s more, permission has been sought to have the parliamentary proceedings telecast ‘live’ on the island’s lone television station.

The announcement from opposition St. James Central Member of Parliament, Kerrie Symmonds on Sunday evening in Queen’s Park.

“I have, in my capacity as leader of the opposition’s business in the House of Assembly, written the Speaker to request that that debate be telecast live … I have done so because it is important for us, not only to sign on the dotted line, but you must also be able to look and see those people who represent constituencies in Barbados and determine if they have stood up in defence of the pain you are suffering, or if they are standing up for the people they represent.  If they defend Sinckler, it is not that they care about you.  It is that they care about their pensions,” he told the large crowd.

According to Symmonds, the upcoming no confidence debate was about putting the members of the ruling Democratic Labour Party government on record, as well as doing the right thing, not for party, but for Barbados.

“Barbados is being put first in this.  Barbados is at breaking point and the people of Barbados can take this pain no more.  That is why you have to sign to send a signal.  We pledge that we will do nothing to further the panic.  We will do nothing to further the harm that is being inflicted on this country, but we have a duty as well, as a responsible opposition, to say to you that which the Prime Minister refuses to,” the  BLP representative said.

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  1. Freeagent October 21, 2013 at 7:43 am

    We are being told that Barbadians are suffering ever so badly but I do not see it that way. Yes, there are patches of poverty in the country but we are going about our business in the name of the Lord.

    Elections are over and we can wait until 1916-17 if we want to change the government.


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