A spread of goodies


An almost heavenly spread was what the students of Deacons Primary were treated to yesterday, when the school mounted its World Food Day display.

Class 2 teacher Kim Greene said the school had incorporated the theme from the World Food Organization into that of the school’s to focus on sustainability and food security, by teaching the children to learn to use what they had.

“Our focus was on getting the students to recognize the variety of foods we have here and the different ways in which they can be prepared –– that they can actually get more than the usual Bajan dishes out of them,” she said.

It led to a delightful day for the children, who not only learnt about these different kinds of dishes, but got to sample them as well.

Greene, who said she had helped plan the day along with Class 1 teacher Hyacinth Butcher and Infants teacher Cheryl Small, said among the dishes they had on display and for sampling were, carrot sticks with a cheese and pineapple-based dip, cassava cup cakes, cassava muffins, cassava chips, breadfruit chips, breadfruit with oil-down, which was a Vincentian dish, shepherd’s pie, sweet potato pie, among others.

She said they also explored several of the uses of the coconut, including grated loose coconut, sugar cakes, and coconut bread.

The students also got involved in more than just the eating though, Greene said, as the classes prepared projects on food.

There were pieces of art, poems based on fruits, and collages based on food. And some students even prepared dishes to bring to school to share.

Today, she noted that they would get to take home some of the many fruits, vegetables and ground provisions on display. (LB) 

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