BLP threatening action tomorrow


The Opposition is set to take action against Government by noon tomorrow over what it charges is the Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s inability to properly address issues facing the country.

Shortly after his almost nine-minute presentation to the House of Assembly on the 2013 Cultural Industries Development Bill this evening, Opposition Leader Mia Mottley released a statement to the media charging that the Barbados Labour Party “has had enough”, and “are duty-bound to take a decisive stand in this matter and will communicate to the country at 11:30 tomorrow morning exactly what that initial course of action will be”.

Mottley said the “handful of words” to the House were not enough to satisfy the country, especially after citizens were expecting more.

She claimed Sinckler’s presentation was proof that he was “out of touch and out of sync with the body politic of this society”, and furthermore, that his response to the failed bond issue had shed no new light on the issue and done nothing to stem the declining confidence in the management of the country’s economy.

Earlier today the Oposition leader had charged that Government’s planned to repeal the Public Accounts Act was an attempt to distract the public from its suffering and from the Government’s wrongdoing.

Mottley queried if the administration wanted to hide the operations at the National Housing Corporation, the Barbados Water Authority, the Queen Elizabeth, the Transport Board and the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation from the public.

She pointed out that the Public Accounts Committee was an essential part of any parliamentary democracy practised throughout the world.

“This is how you check and review Government’s expenditure and it is chaired by the Leader of the Opposition. The information that has come out to date has not come from Members of Parliament, but from the conscientious public servants who understand their duty to the country and to the PAC and who may not be prepared to be made the sacrificial lamb for any wrongdoing by members of the Government,” Mottley explained.

The St Michael North-East MP argued that in repealing the act this was yet another attempt to distract the public. (NC/LB) 

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