Promoting healthy living


With World Food Day coming this Wednesday, the staff and pupils of Half Moon Fort Primary had the time of their lives preparing for it last Friday.

Each Half Moon Fort class prepared a chart, poster or display. which was then presented to the school to promote healthy eating, as well as locally grown fruits and vegetables.

The principal and staff, wanting the students to experience more beyond this, had several people in the food industry come to the school to give food demonstrations and first-hand instructions on the making of some local delicacies.

Pedro Cumberbatch sought to use the golden apple, which is much in season at the moment, as well as ginger to prepare drinks, which the children not only enjoyed seeing being made, but being taken as well.

And what’s local food without a lesson in the preparation of our national dish?

Class 4 teacher Cheryl Stuart brought out the cornmeal, okras and fish to teach the young ones how to prepare cou-cou with salt fish or steamed flying fish.

The air was aromatic with the preparation of the various dishes and juices, another plus for a day focusing on food. And with lunch over, there was yet more.

The afternoon session featured a bit more of the physical for the children.

There were a number of healthy lifestyles activities like aerobics, skipping, hopscotch and road tennis, aimed at keeping the youth active. And several teachers shook off their shoes to take up the skipping ropes; others settled for the chalk, teach the young ones how to play the various games.

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