City burst of talent

nifca performers stop traffic on broad street


There was a cultural burst in The City this afternoon –– in Broad Street, specifically –– as participants in this year’s NIFCA affair offered some of the best in Barbadian talent, compliments of the National Cultural Foundation.

For about 15 minutes around noon the road was closed to vehicular traffic; and  store and office staff paused from their work to joined the large crowds of locals and tourists lining Broad Street to see what was happening.

Appearing in the middle of the street was a flash mob comprising dancers from the Louise Woodvine Dance Academy. Performing their 2012 Haunted, they showed why it was the top dance piece and earned them a Gold Certificate Of Merit for costume design and the Arden Clarke Founder’s Trophy.

Signalling the NIFCA 40th anniversary street showcase would continue was popular spoken word artist DJ Simmons, rendering Vibe.

And then there was Music Must Play, featuring veteran musicians Adrain Boo Husbands and Willie Kerr, with a special guest appearance by Terry Mexican Arthur, who too gripped the attention of the
swaying onlookers.

John Hunte, cultural officer for dance in the Cultural Development Department of National Cultural Foundation, told the media the idea of taking the NIFCA celebrations to Bridgetown was to create a buzz that the season had begun. The Performing Arts Semi-Finals began last Friday, October 4, and they continue tomorrow until Monday, October 14, at the Combermere School at Waterford, St Michael.

“I know that this is a year of recession and  people are
a little concerned about those things, but NIFCA  is still
a time for celebration,” Hunte said.

Today’s event was planned to be the lone one, but he urged Barbadians to go out and support all of the events on this year’s NIFCA calendar. Some of them included the Performing Arts Finals and the Literary Arts–Balcony Book Fair to be held at Frank Collymore Hall, the Culinary Arts Exhibition And Cook-Off at Sky Mall, the Visual Arts And Photography Exhibition at the Spirit Bond and the NIFCA Film And Video Screenings at Queens’s Park Steel Shed.
NIFCA Inside


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  1. Realist October 11, 2013 at 8:19 am

    I don’t believe these lawless people went into Bridgetown and exploited themselves for the NCF. The NCF officials want to keep their jobs by making young people run through Broad Street to promote their activities. Shame on them. Broad Street is not the place for that dance or any other NIFCA performance. It was not set for that space. Artistes need to demand respect and value their creative knowledge and work.


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