Students inspired to join milk contest

Primary school students have until Friday to enter a milk

competition launched on World School Milk Day.

The essay competition targeting Class 1 to Class 4 primary

school students is inviting students to submit essays entitled

My Parents Should Ensure I Drink Milk Each Day

Because. One child from each age group islandwide will get

the chance to win an electronic tablet when the winners are

announced on October 28.

Activity booklets with entry details for the essay writing

competition were distributed on World School Milk Day

to schools islandwide and teachers are being encouraged to use

this opportunity to promote good writing skills and information

gathering among children.

Commercial manager of Beverages Caribbean Limited (BCL),

Henry Yearwood, who is attached to Barbados Dairy Industries

Limited (BDIL), better known as Pine Hill Dairy, presented the

activity booklets and addressed students and teachers at the

Grantley Prescod Primary School. The Pine Hill Dairy adopted

the Grantley Prescod Primary School several years ago.

“We at Barbados Dairy Industries Ltd support our nation’s

greatest potential, through encouraging good health and

promoting the development of intelligence and creativity,”

Yearwood said.

“The BDIL takes its responsibility as the island’s

provider of milk as more than business,” added

Yearwood. “BDIL understands the social role to

the community and embraces this through various

initiatives targeted at ensuring the most important

segments of our market understand how important

milk is to their well-being.”

The Ministry of Education has endorsed

the BDIL initiative.

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