Mottley: Where are our leaders?


Does Barbados still have a Prime Minister and a Minister of Finance?

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley asked this question today following reports in another section of the Press that the Government owes pharmaceutical companies more than $20 million.

In condemning the silence, Mottley said: “It is one thing to be sinking deeply in debt and not being able to pay bills, but it is totally unacceptable for the Prime Minister and his Minister of Finance to maintain a stony silence in this environment.

“I have cast my mind back to 40 years ago, and I cannot think of a former Prime Minister or Minister of Finance who would have been as callous and indifferent to the woes of the population as this current pair. It is almost as if they do not care,” Mottley added.

Responding specifically to the news this morning that more than $20 million is owed to local pharmaceuticals companies for medication, the Opposition Leader reminded Barbadians that “this was precisely what I had foreseen when in reply to those who thought the 2013 Budget was not devastating, [I said] let’s wait and see”.

The St. Michael North-East MP said: “Well, it has only been two months since the Budget was presented, and already we are seeing the effects and feeling the impact of that ill-conceived Budget which I insisted ought to have been revisited by Parliament at the earliest opportunity.”

Mottley maintained that it was scandalous for a Prime Minister and a Minister of Finance to read on a daily basis the plight of commuters in the bus stands, patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, home seekers at the National Housing Corporation, hoteliers on the brink of bankruptcy, and remain silent as if nothing mattered.

She asked: “What manner of leaders are these? Surely if you cannot pay a bill, you call or send a note to the creditor explaining your situation and indicating when you will pay the outstanding bill. But to just turn the pages of the newspaper and move on to sports and the comic strips is unbelievable.”

Mottley further stated that the less than flattering reports on the recent aborted bond offer and the prospect of more possible gloom after this week’s meeting with the International Monetary Fund, all pointed to the need for Barbadians to sit up and ready themselves for some kind of action that says to the Government “enough is enough”. (NC) 

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