Donation a blessing


The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was blessed yesterday by a donation which it hopes will help with some equipment repairs.

Consultant in charge of the PICU, Dr. Kandamaran Krishnamurthy in thanking the A Gift for the Children, charity, noted that donations such as this were needed now that less money was available to the hospital.

He said there were a number of pieces of equipment, like monitors and portable machines, that had malfunctioned and could be repaired, or were under repairs that the monetary donation from the charity would help.

The unit was also in need of a few more incubators, transport ventilators and such like, he noted, but added that the big wish list for the children’s units kept growing.

“Based on the priority and based on the donation skills, we prioritise the needs. So those things that we need as emergencies we would prioritise those,” he said.

He also had advise for the public.

“In the next couple of months it will be peak season and we will have a lot of viral infections, so I am just advising people to have good hygienic practices and when a child has a flu don’t send them to day care, just take precautionary measures,” he stated.

This is the second donation of the Gift for the Children Charity, whose president Shelly Ross promised they would continue to raise funds to make contributions to this much needed department. (LB) 

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