Wilcox road headache


Residents of Wilcox Hill in Christ Church are up in arms about the inconvenience being suffered because of construction work.

When a Barbados TODAY team tried to access the village this afternoon, the road was impassible. The team was forced to disembark the vehicle on Chancery Lane and walk through the rocks, marl and construction works to reach residents.

One woman, who was visibly upset, and preferred not to be identified, told this newspaper the construction had made her home a prison. She explained that because work was being done adjacent to her house, the dust was seriously impeding her way of life: she was unable to keep her house clean or hang out her laundry.

Despite workmen’s erecting plywood sheets around her house to minimize the dust, it persisted as a nuisance.

Once upon a time, she was able to sit on her verandah and enjoy the scenery and fresh breeze, she said.

The resident, who has been living in the area since the early 1970s, said she did not really have a problem with the construction being done, but it was taking too long.

Some days, she stressed, workers would turn to find no tools to work with. This, she said, then had postponed the completion of the task at hand. On top of that, she added, the road had now begun to slip.

“I keep telling them this road wasn’t made for heavy-duty vehicles. This road was made when they had donkey carts,” the distraught woman said as she showed Barbados TODAY where the road had moved and where cracks had appeared in her wall as a result.

The elderly woman said she had also highlighted that problem to the workers. At first they were doubtful, she added, but after they were invited into her yard and shown proof, they later had gabions set up to stop the slippage. The nearby watercourse was also adjusted.

The Wilcox Hill resident also faces another problem: since her return to the island in September she has been experiencing water seepages. When it rains, water now comes through her yard and into her home, resulting in damaged items.

Meanwhile, officials of the Ministry of Transport and Works are appealing with “frustrated” residents living in the area of Wilcox Hill, to bear with workers who are repairing the road. A senior official in the ministry acknowledged the delay, noting that work was scheduled to be completed at the end of last month. “We were hoping to complete work at the end of the month just gone, but there was some delay. Every effort was being made to complete the project and we expect the ministry to advice us on a time for its reopening,” the senior ministry administrator added. “We are asking residents to bear with us,” he declared. (KC/EJ) 

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