Brand new start


More cashiers and extended hours are just two of the perks management of the newly opened DaCosta Mannings outlet in SuperCentre Warrens are promising.

Customers transacting business today were met with 18 cashiers to cater to their needs instead of the four at the old location, just metres away.

Additionally, management also suggested that longer hours on weekdays, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., were now on offer.

Executive Director of DaCosta Manning Retail Ltd, Paul Rowe, told Barbados TODAY the company opened its new outlet following “a blow out sale” yesterday evening at the old location.

Giving the rationale behind the change of location, Rowe said: “It is part of Neal & Massy retail strategy to develop retail integrated stores. It is part of Neal & Massy’s strategy to combine food and non-food.”

He pointed out that the furniture department, which is located upstairs, had not been opened yet because the air-conditioning plant has not yet arrived on the island so that it could be installed by the contractor.

Asked to comment on the possibility of any job loss, Rowe said the company was in the process of preparing and concluding packages for workers who voluntarily sought a separation from the company.

Today’s soft opening with customers mulling through the spanking new store was far removed from the chaos in Warrens that took place yesterday as customers rushed to take advantage of the “blow out sale”.

The car parks in the area were so full that cars and vans climbed sidewalks and crammed onto the shoulders of roads, while in-store those who did not have trollies filled their arms with appliances, mats, and every kind of household item they could. (NC) 

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