The Barbados Film and Video Association is imploring more Barbadian businesses to see the importance of the Barbados film industry.

The five year–old–organisation has partnered with the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, Sunisle Technology, Merville Lynch Productions, Icon Studios and Caribbean Webcast Inc. to introduce a 48-hour film challenge.

This contest is opened to both individuals and groups of five to seven persons, and it will be held on October 19 and 20. The winning piece will receive $1,000 and it be broadcast on TV 8 in November during the Independence celebrations.

Speaking at the challenge’s media launch this morning at the Ministry of Culture at Sky Mall in Haggatt Hall, St Michael, president of the association, David Green, congratulated those sponsors for coming on board with the project.

He noted that gone were the days when people thought a local production was not to be watched because it was not of good quality. Now he was pleased because viewers could see that local productions had increased in quality and production value, and he felt businesses should now see its worth to invest in it.

The BFVA head also stated his organisation was already looking ahead to 2014, with the possible resurgence of a film festival to aid in the development of Barbadian film-makers. As well, they recognised there was a need for something durable for the upcoming filmmakers. He disclosed also that further discussions with the CBC had already begun from them to give their support to future ventures.

In the challenge contestants will be given 48 hours during which they are expected to produce a film from script to production, editing and then the final product. When this is finished, the production will be handed in on Sunday, October 20, and the Best Film will be selected.

The productions are expected to be five to ten minutes in length. There are no age restrictions, and any device which records video can be used for the contest. A special prize will be awarded for the Best Cell Phone Entry.

“With this film challenge persons will get to see how they can effectively produce a programme using the bare minimum,” said Green.

“You will recognise Barbados isn’t as fortunate as some countries . . . where we have a lot of infrusture put in place to help produce programming. Many times we don’t have the financing so we have to find very cost effective ways to help produce film. Therefore a 48-hour film challenge will indeed help persons to recognise how they can do such . . . .

“So when they come to the big production, where they would have more time to produce it they would know and recognise how they can overcome the challenges that will no doubt come their way when they try to produce a product. So we are indeed happy that CBC is giving us their support [and] we look forward to having a very vibrant challenge.”

In reaffirming their commitment to highlighting Barbadian culture, assistant TV programme manager at the CBC, Jewel Forde, said the station was excited to be a part of the inaugural competition. She said that in spite of the many challenges over the years, Channel 8 was the medium where Barbadians most flock to see themselves.

And she added, she was thrilled that this tradition could continue with the addition of potentially great Barbados based content. The veteran broadcaster further noted, besides the contestants in the show CBC was fully devoted and willing to work with all other independent producers to tell the stories of Barbadians. (KC) 

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