No need to worry


Stop worrying and stay calm.That is the message which health authorities here say they want to get through to Barbadians regarding the current outbreak of the H1N1 influenza virus.

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Elizabeth Ferdinand told Barbados TODAY this afternoon there was no need for the ministry of health to send any more swabs overseas for testing, in that the H1N1 was the predominant virus right now in the island, and no other.

Dr Ferdinand said, apart from the ten swabs sent overseas for testing, no additional ones had been dispatched, or would be, unless very serious cases emerged.

The Acting CMO reiterated that there had been an increase in infuenza cases, with four confirmed and one death so far. She noted that the ministry was getting updated reports from the various “health stations” around the country regarding the virus.

The health official said, though, that the virus was exclusively human, and was not affecting any animal species, such as pigs or chickens.

She pointed out that at the moment, the disease is called H1N1, but that it could be something else next year.

Dr. Ferdinand is advising citizens meanwhile, to continue their respiratory etiquette, such as hand washing, covering their noses when sneezing and not sneezing on people. (EJ) 

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