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Even as some Americans today began to protest their government’s shut down, Barbadians were being told that they should take their dissatisfaction with their own country’s administration to the streets.

Former Democratic Labour Party candidate in the 2003 general election, Taan Abed, told Barbados TODAY in an interview that if Barbadians really liked themselves and their children, they would come on the streets and show their dissatisfaction with the inertia and tardiness of the Freundel Stuart administration.

“Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is basically a decent man, but he never shows any urgency in addressing situations or making decisions which impact on the lives of the average citizen. I can recall an incident where a former prime minister of Canada withdrew the registration of his shipping line from Barbados and moved the business to the Bahamas because of bureaucratic bungling. This was a major loss to the Treasury of Barbados.

I am also aware of many situations where wealthy investors from several Middle Eastern countries lost interest in investing in Barbados because of the slow pace at which the wheels of Government in Barbados move. This loss of business impacts on the level of foreign exchange in Barbados,” Abed charged.

Abed also took issue with Stuart’s suggestion that “high net value investors” could qualify for Barbadian citizenship, arguing that if an investor brought in $3 million, such a small sum of money would not redound to the benefit of many Barbadians.

“Barbados is only 166 square miles and if the Government offers citizenship to every investor who brings in $3 million or $4 million, the country would soon be overrun by these investors. At this stage of the country’s development, Barbados needs investors who can invest $300 million or $400 million in one fell swoop. Investment of this magnitude will employ many Barbadians. “There are several investors in such countries as Kuwait, Italy, Australia, Brazil and Qatar who can make investments of this magnitude. If one investor can inject $300 million into the economy, he or she would not be competing with Barbadian nationals for the limited land mass in Barbados. “I have known many investors from the Middle East who have shown an interest in investing in Barbados, but the tardiness of the island’s bureaucracy has driven them away. Our loss is another country’s gain,” the former long-standing member of the DLP said.

Abed, who ran as an Independent candidate in the 2013 general election in the constituency of Christ Church West and polled 357 votes argued that the majority of DLP politicians in Parliament were “a waste of time and space”.

He however identified Minister of Industry Donville Inniss, with whom he had many disputes when he was a member of the DLP, and Minister of Agriculture Dr. David Estwick, as two of the most hard-working members of the Cabinet. nevilleclarke@barbadostoday.bb 

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