Modernising BSS


Barbados may soon have a National Statistical Unit in place and a modernised Barbados Statistical Service.

Acting Director of the Barbados Statistical Service, Aubrey Browne, made this disclosure today at the PomMarine Hotel, while addressing a seminar, which also seeks to establish a more modern Barbados Statistical Service.

“The Barbados Statistical Service and the National Statistical System must therefore be equipped with the tools and the capacity to become a world class player, with regard to the dissemination of statistical data.

“Since there are many agencies which supply the raw data which the Barbados Statistical Service needs to process in order to disseminate statistical information, as well as those ministries and agencies which compile their own specialist data, it is important to stress that the cooperation of all is critical, in order to achieve the project’s objectives.

“It is conceptualised that all national statistics would be stored and accessible from a central data warehouse, to be created under this project and managed by the BSS. For this to be realised, it is important that all relevant entities be committed to sharing and disseminating their statistical data via the electronic network system to be established. Security of this network system will be of paramount concern in order to maintain the confidence of all respondents. The legal framework to be established will therefore provide for the proper governance of this network,” Browne added.

He pointed out that the final workshop of the seminar was therefore an important aspect of the project implementation process since it would provide an opportunity for agencies involved to fully embrace the project once they were apprised of its purpose and its benefit.

Browne said: “It is against this background that strong support from the government and people of Barbados is required to propel this modernisation exercise forward to its successful implementation. This support would provide the stimulus for the establishment of a robust statistical system for Barbados to enable the development of the country.” (NC)

One Response to Modernising BSS

  1. Arther Lashley October 19, 2014 at 6:30 am

    All sounds very necessary.
    Problem is its NOT.
    We have a dysfunctional Government.
    A civil service inhabited by people who; go to work; but “DO NOT GO TO WORK” .
    If the BSS disappeared today, the only ones to be affected would those who draw extraordinarily GOOD salaries; the rest of us will never notice the difference.
    When are the people who (supposedly) Govern Barbados going to learn that NOTHING done on this little rock means one Iota in the REAL World.
    Barbados is known Worldwide as an abominator ,of Law and truth.
    Why in Gods name would they believe that “statistics” issued by any Barbados “Authority” would be viewed otherwise ,than its usual Government sponsored;Twisted lies and corruption.


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