Meeting students’ needs


Chief Education Officer Laurie King strongly advises teachers to re-dedicate themselves to the profession.

King, who was at time addressing a service at the People’s Catheral in Bishop Court Hill in St Michael to commence Education Month this morning, urged educators at all levels that if Barbadians were to enjoy continued high quality of life, this was a must.

He said that if children were to be adequately prepared to function efficiently and creatively in modern society there must be collaboration between all entities and warned that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology could not do it alone.

“We must be mindful of the fact that the needs of all students must be met, all students are unique and processes must be put in place to address this diversity. Continued emphasis must be placed on the democratisation of the education system; refocus to championing the cause our young charges, [they] are our future,” he told those teachers present.

The veteran educator stressed that the ministry would do everything “humanly possible” to ensure that students were educated in an environment that was conducive to learning and excellence.

King further said: “The large sums of money that is spent on education will go to nought if the teacher/student interaction is not effective. I salute those teachers who continue to persevere with patience [and] skill… in motivating all students in the pursuit of excellence.

“Students you are our future; education month is about you and for you. We cannot achieve our national objective if each one of you do not strive for excellence and do so by sharing and spreading love for self and for those which you come into contact.

“The emergence of knowledge-based economies have resulted in a number of trends and challenges that educators and institutions have to confront. Education is not a static entity, hence as the needs of society change so too will the demands placed on it. The relationship between quality education and relevant education is now all the more important…

“Education must focus on the acquisition of knowledge and skills including the social skills, he posited, while responding to national needs and priorities and the emerging needs of the globalised world. But he told students that they must all now have a regional and international frame of reference if they were to become productive citizens.”

The chief said that for years successive Governments had long seen the importance of education to its human capital and as a result, they emphasised and invested heavily so as to allow for the growth and development of the population.

This he said, served the country well, as it provides equal opportunities for all citizens to unlock their potential. (KC) 

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