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Atwell speaks on the nutritional value of seaweed to fertilizer

He may be an octogenarian, but his active

creativity in the area of fertilisers and his planting

of the food he eats belie his advanced years. And

his consistency with the views of the Buy Bajan

theme are well grounded.

Cavendish Atwell, of Syndicate Lane, St

Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, has used the

seaweed that drifts ashore on many beaches

across Barbados to develop a fertilizer.

He told a team from Barbados TODAY that

he initially collected the seaweed, put it to dry

between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.,

and then took it to the Government Laboratory

to find out its nutritional value. Atwell pointed

out that he subsequently discovered through

the research of scientists at the Government

Laboratory that the seaweed was rich in such

chemicals as nitrogen, potassium and chloride.

He later started to package the product,

selling it to some supermarkets across Barbados;

but expressed disappointment that officials of the

National Conservation Commission and even a

former Minister of Agriculture had shown little

interest in the product.

”I tried to attract the attention of personnel

within the local agricultural sector, but they have

ignored me. Fortunately, some of the major

supermarkets have bought the garden mulch

from me and sold it to their customers.

“I do not buy peas or any other vegetable

on the local market. I grow them in plant pots

in my backyard and eat them,” Atwell said.

When a team from Barbados TODAY visited

his residence today, Atwell showed them that

overtime he has grown several food items in

small plastic containers in his backyard.

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