A climate call through the post


WAGGGS is partnering with the Environmental Justice Foundation on a brand new call to action: Postcards From The Frontlines.

EJF’s Home Truths campaign seeks to raise awareness of the grave threat to the well-being, welfare and basic human rights of millions of people worldwide, who are being forcibly displaced or severely impacted by deteriorating environmental conditions linked to climate change. Postcards From The Frontlines, part of this campaign, aims to inspire over 100,000 climate witnesses and their supporters around the world to send postcards from their phones or desktops.

Using the ByPost phone app or website, individuals may take photographs of themselves, preferably in or in front of their own homes, and write a simple message saying what home means to them. These personalised postcards will then be delivered free as real paper postcards by EJF’s supporting partner Bypost to UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, calling on the United Nations to introduce a UN Special Rapporteur on Climate Change and Human Rights.

The project was launched on September 24 with the support of Vivienne Westwood and other high-profile celebrities. The ambition is to catalyse a global response to the project with supporters (those who have not been affected by climate change) sharing what home means to them, while climate witnesses will be encouraged to share their experiences on the front lines of climate change, whether or not they have lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina in the United States, their land to Cyclone Nargis in Bangladesh or their livelihoods to desertification in Somalia.

So, raise your voice for climate change refugees by sharing what home means to you.

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  1. pikaito
    pikaito October 1, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    mira @FrauPinina te quieren desde barbados


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