A bajan success

One of the most important events in the life of Scouting is participating in the Regional Conference. Barbados is part of

the World Scout Bureau-Interamerican Scout Region, which administers those associations in the Americas. On this occasion, the

national Scout organization Scouts Of Argentina hosted the many delegates from the region, the World Scout Committee and

friends from other regions in Buenos Aires.

From the opening ceremony to the very last event, delegates comprising youth representatives and heads of the various

national groups were gripped by the many areas of discussion as the region tried to forge a path forward that would accommodate

reasonably most of the associations. However, before the many plenary sessions, there were many important events that engaged

the youth and other special delegates.

These events were the IV Interamerican Youth Forum, the interreligious Interamerican Symposium, the

meetings of the Regional Networks Of Youth Programme, Adults In Scouting, Institutional Development,

Communications And Environment, and Peace And Development. And participants were anxious to embrace the

many areas of change that would lead to growth and further development of their national associations.

The conference also presided over the election of five new members who would be eligible to serve for six years on the

Regional Committee. Elected were Lorena Gudiño (Mexico), Zaida Joaquin (Guyana), Rosario Mayorga (Ecuador), Luis Silvestri

(Argentina) and Ricardo Stuber (Brazil).

Of note is that the Caribbean is still considered a force to be reckoned with.

The election of the chief commissioner of Guyana, Zaida Joaquin, will guarantee the Caribbean a voice on that very important

decision-making board, even though members cannot represent individual


BBSA delegates to the XXV Interamerican Conference

preparing for the opening of the conference.

Scout chief gets top award

The Chief Commissioner of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association, Dr Nigel Taylor, was one of three people to be conferred

with the Interamerican Region’s Youth Of The Americas Award at the XXV Interamerican Conference in

Argentina. This is the only award given by the regional administration for meritorious service to the youth.

The Barbadian chief was elected first as a member of the committee in El Salvador 2003, and subsequently as a vice-president

at the conference in Ecuador in 2007. Having served his allotted term of office, he and his four colleagues from El Salvador,

Mexico, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic presided at their last conference in Panama in 2010.

By the close of that conference he would have been made a Member Of The Order Of The Condor and would have

been conferred with Scout awards from the Scout Associations of Mexico and Brazil. Additionally he would have received

citations from Panama and El Salvador in the course of his regional administration.

In El Salvador he was declared Visitante Honorable de La Ciudad de San Salvador. His commitment to Scouting

was further recognized when he was presented in 2007 with the Keys To The Borough Of Chaguanas in Trinidad by the

mayor as the Caribbean sub-region was conducting its Cuboree.

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