Early alarm and fears were raised this evening when black smoke was seen billowing from Vaucluse, St. Thomas at what seemed to be the site of the landfill.

It proved to be very anxious moments for the management of Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre where fire broke out in an area where separation of waste is carried out.

Speaking to the media, general manager Anthony Parris, said: “At about 2:30 p.m. today fire started in a heap of spring mattresses. It spread quickly into an adjacent building and probably within about 30 minutes we had the fire under control and it is now out.

“There are two large conveyor belts in the picking belt which enable us to do separation of the waste. We have lost some of the conveyor belt which will have to be replaced. I cannot give a good estimate of the cost of replacement,” Parris added.

Commenting on the effect the damage to the conveyor belt will have on the operations of the plant, Parris acknowledge that it will some effect on the operations.

He however said: “We will be able to work around it though because we will be to do “floor sorting” which is sorting off the conveyor belt and so we have a way forward. Obviously there is a cost involved and an insurance claim will be submitted.”

The general manager gave the assurance that no workers will be displaced because of the fire and stressed that “everyone will still be employed doing what they did before”.

In March this year B’s Recycling Centre at Cane Garden, St Thomas, was transformed into an inferno which kept fire-fighters busy for several days before it was extinguished.

Two tenders – one from Arch Hall, St. Thomas and the other from Weston, St. James, were dispatched to SBRC, along with a water tanker from the Fire Service’s Probyn Street headquarters in the City.

Nine officers, under the direction of Divisional Officer Lloydson Phillips and assisted by Station Officer Denton Foster fought for almost 40 minutes to bring the blaze to under control.

Investigations are still continuing. (NC)


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