Not enough reading

Teacher aims to get students more interested in books

Robinson explained that as an English teacher she was concerned about the reading levels among youth, and had decided that students were not reading enough. So what began with a trip with first formers yesterday, turned into another one with the older students today.

“I have done this before, especially when I have a first form, I like to ascertain that they are members of the library and to give them an opportunity to explore the whole wonderful world of reading. I can always tell as a teacher whether or not a student is a reader because it shows up very early and clearly in that student’s writing and speaking ability. So I am always eager in children being able to do that.

“I have established in my classes a period called SSR … a period of Sustained Silent Reading. So it is a quiet period of the children to be able to focus and concentrate on the words and I think it develops in them a love for books. I know we have moved to the Kindle and so on, but there is nothing quite like a book in your hand and that has no limitations,” she stated.

She said this term she was moving to students having mats and going out in the open-air to read, which was a little outside of the norm for schools.

Robinson expressed the belief that Foundation was progressive enough to allow for this different approach, adding that once she got students to read, half the battle was done.

“I think they are pretty excited. We’ve had pretty full classes and we’ve only missed one or two because they were ill and today we have 28 students in this class and 26 are here. The parents are supportive. We sent them letters to ask them to encourage the children to read and I think they are pretty keen,” said the teacher.

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