Bajans experience Fine Art exchange

Katherine Kennedy (left) and Shanika Grimes pose for a photo while on a gallery tour.
Katherine Kennedy (left) and Shanika Grimes pose for a photo while on a gallery tour.

Two young Barbadian contemporary artists – Katherine Kennedy and Shanika Grimes are the first to experience a Fine Art exchange between Brazil and Barbados on the inaugural Visual Arts residency with the Casa Tomada Project.

This is another one of the successes of the Brazil/Barbados connection made during the four-day e-Create Barbados Cultural Industries Symposium held on April 9-12, 2013, when curators and gallerists from S√o Paulo, while on a Gallery tour in Barbados, took a keen interest in the contemporary work of the Fresh Milk Project.

Following this very positive response, on return to Brazil, the Visual Arts industry experts continued the dialog, resulting in an invitation to a week long residency for Kennedy and Grimes who are a part of the Fresh Milk Project.

Alison Sealy-Smith the NCF’s Senior Business Development Officer described this inaugural residency as a viable approach to future contemporary Visual Arts Exchanges between the two countries.

She added that the intention of this exchange programme is to widen our knowledge base of the Brazilian art industry and by extension the international market.

In another success for the Barbados creative industry, artist Evan Avery, who is also a part of the Fresh Milk Project, was invited to display a decal on A Casa Recebe at Casa Tomada which is essentially a street front window at their downtown S√o Paulo location where works of well-known Brazilian and international artists attached to the project have been displayed. Though Evan is not in S√o Paulo as part of the delegation his work will add to the representation of Barbadian contemporary work in this large cosmopolitan city.

On completion of their residency, in addition to the professional development gained through mentorship from experienced Brazilian artists, Katherine and Shanika will be presenting their works to a S√o Paulo audience of curators and gallerists set up by the Casa Tomada team.

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