Lawrence T. Gay students encouraged to practice reading daily to gain success

From left: Kalique McCollin, Shequanna Morgan, JD Smith, Timesha Forde, Kyle Pilgrim, Juniqua Beckles and Matthias Gittens.
From left: Kalique McCollin, Shequanna Morgan, JD Smith, Timesha Forde, Kyle Pilgrim, Juniqua Beckles and Matthias Gittens.

Reading is fundamentally important to every aspect of life.

And last Friday, September 13, that importance was brought to the fore when The Lawrence T. Gay Memorial School Library was given a new breath of life thanks to the efforts of the Library Committee and the Parent Teachers’ Association.
The Library was re-opened with a ceremony dedicated to the memory of former teacher Wilma Corbin, who passed away four years ago. Prayers were said by Reverend Adrian Smith.

The dedication was attended by pupils of Infants A through Class four, along with their teachers, ancillary staff and executive members of the Parent Teachers’ Association as well as daughters of the late Wilma Corbin, Janelle Collymore and Janene Corbin, who unveiled and cut the ribbon to declare the Library open.

In her feature address Education Officer with responsibility for reading, Christina Morris, encouraged the children and adults present to value books and learn about the importance of reading so as to develop a passion for it.

In the words of the famed author Dr. Seuss, Morris stressed, “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

“[R]ead everyday so that you can acquire knowledge as well as develop the love and passion for books and reading. It is passion that will motivate you to view reading as pleasurable or a fun activity and give you the desire to want to read.

“Success can be measured in different ways and may mean different things to different people. However, when we speak about success at school, we are generally referring to your ability to acquire knowledge and skills to apply or use these skills to perform tasks at the required standard for your age,” said Morris.

She added: “To succeed in school your reading must be at a satisfactory level. This begins with you being taught how to read. Once you know the reading skills and strategies you must practice them while reading daily at school and at home from a variety of texts. Research shows that children who do a substantial amount of reading on their own, develop and demonstrate a positive attitude towards reading and their performance at school improves. It is therefore very important that you practice reading because this is the key to you becoming a better reader and gaining success at school. Success at school will then lead to success in other aspects of your life.”

The interactive discourse saw the children eagerly raising their hands to answer the questions on the importance of reading, why practice makes perfect, and how success could be gained through a love of reading.

In her opening remarks, Principal Beverley Parris expressed appreciation to the PTA and  teachers, especially members of the Library Committee, which included: Andrea Carrington-Edwards, Melissa Cumberbatch, Katrina Jessamy, Andrea Roach, Shari Thornhill, Wynsome Williams and  Rohan Waithe for their efforts in reviving the Library. She encouraged the children to make good use of the resources and to take good care of the books.

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