Barbadians promised a spectacular show at city nights concert

Fran Wickham (fourth left) addressing the press conference while others look on.
Fran Wickham (fourth left) addressing the press conference while others look on.

If it is extraordinary Barbadian talent Bajans were longing for, well it is time to celebrate.

In two weeks time, the Frank Collymore Hall will be festive with some of the island’s brightest artistes on display at City Nights- The Concert.

Speaking at a press conference for the show on Monday evening in the foyer of the Church Village, City venue, Public Affairs Officer for the Central Bank of Barbados, Novaline Brewster, promised the event would be spectacular and should not be missed.

She said the Central Bank assembled a star studded line-up of performers, which included: internationally acclaimed and one of the smoothest and “saxiest” saxophonist, Arturo Tappin with powerful and stunning vocalists, Marissa Lindsay and CiCi.

These three Barbadian maestros of music, as Brewster referred to them, were said to have electrified audiences at home and abroad previously so she anticipated they would continue to keep that standard high by delighting the audiences in the hall with soulful music, ranging from jazz, pop and calypso.

City Nights- The Concert will be held over two night, October 5 and 6.

Manager of the hall Fran Wickham noted that initially they planned to hold the concert for a lone evening. However, because of the trios’ quality they had no choice but to extend another night and she too was expected an overwhelmingly good response to it from both locals and tourists who were gladden by good quality classy music.

An art exhibition of some the Bank’s art collection accumulated over the years would also be displayed for the public. The exhibition will run from October 3 to 6 in the Grand Salle between 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening. On the days of the shows, viewing will be extended until 11.

City Nights was first staged in 1986 to mark the inauguration of the Frank Collymore Hall. At that time the first Governor of the Bank, Dr. Courtney Blackman, said it was a gift to the people of Barbados.

The event has been used as a platform to showcase the best in the cultural industries. Over the years many dance groups, actors and musicians have also grace the City Nights stage, some included: El Verno Del Congo, Alfred Pragnell, Timothy Callender, Shilling Farley,, Adrian Clarke, Andrea Gollop, Tony Thompson, Doris Provencale and the Cavite Chorale. (KC)

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