All about money

After reading the article posted in the Barbados TODAY dated September 12, 2013, BITTER SWEET on page three, I have seriously came to the conclusion that the powers to be don’t really have the people’s best interests at heart.

It seems to be all about the money, and the more that’s made you seem to still have less to show in regards to returns to the people’s investments.

How can any of you come together only thinking about tourism and spending millions of dollars on all the different projects, but complaining about doing what’s expected of, or from you for the good of the people. Maybe I need to correct that. The good of the little man. Because it seems that the only one who seems to gain from all that you are doing is the other man.

You have made tourism your main source of income, placing all your eggs in one basket.

With all the information that’s being given regarding building this new multi million dollar cruise facility, and you still decide to go ahead with it, you are sending a message to the people of Barbados that money comes first before the welfare of the people.

I have no idea why for the love of God that you the Government seems not to be looking at the well being of the people, or for the people? Because for sure most of these choices that you are making that will create any problems for the people you wouldn’t even invest a dime in doing so.

You have yet to show any great returns for all these investments regarding tourism. You seem by your own explanation to spend more and more with less to show for returns. Is this the real truth?

By the time that you are finished with Barbados with all the tearing down and building new places and things, the real Barbados will be a thing of the past. Learn to grow without destroying the natural beauty of Barbados.

Barbados is only 166 square miles is far as I know. And you can only do but so much before all this development becomes painful for all, and to all. Improve on what you already have. Try refurbishing the things that are already a part of the history of Barbados.

And while I’m on the subject of the Government’s choices, please Mr. Prime Minister before you go off selling citizenship to people, you need to think long and very hard about the dangers you are going to be placing on others. Foreign investors in Barbados should not be given citizenship in the first place. Some of these people for sure are only going to use Barbados as a convenience for themselves.

A person becoming a citizen of Barbados should only gain the right to become a citizen after that person has been living in Barbados for over five years and contributing to the betterment of Barbados, and during that time be free of any run ins with the law. Citizenship should be earned, not sold.

Why is it always about the money? And when you do get the money where is the money going?

This whole situation with the way in which things are being done by the Government is becoming more and more mind boggling to me.

I wish you the people of Barbados long and prosperous lives, and may The Most High continue to protect you.

– Charles S. Cadogan Sr

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