Making life easier

bytemeappleconventionThey are so many things I could talk about today, from Samsung’s conference and new Galaxy 4 Active, which is water proof and very nice looking to the Xbox One and all the things Microsoft got wrong, to all the things Sony got right at the just concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

It was also a busy week for Apple as well as their annual developers conference and the big reveal of their latest instalment of the Mobile Operating System iOS7 was last Monday.

But none of this moved me more than a near 10 minute video by Apple about technology being used to make people’s lives better. And I am not talking about making it easier by grouping all your friends in one section or reading your email to you.

It’s not a new Siri feature that wakes you up and brings you breakfast in bed. No, I am talking about improving a person’s everyday life, by doing things that we take for granted each day and are some areas I didn’t even know this technology existed.

I encourage you to set aside 10 minutes of your busy day to see how technology is making a difference one app at a time.

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