Change the law!

I read your story Horse found near death and conclude that it is a crime on both parties, the legal former owner and the people into whose care those horses are given.

What is wrong with those people? What is wrong with this country? I thought we were a developing country and not a Third World country! But we seem to go backwards with our attitude in regards to animals in general — not only horses.

When I see any animal left in the fields with no water and a short rope with no ability to move freely, I can only say that this is brutal practice on this island. It needs to stop by putting in place laws and by following up with enforcement. Otherwise people will continue to do what they have been doing freely for decades — be cruel to animals.

It all comes down to “no self-respect” and no respect for other living beings. I think that those cases, each one of them should be posted in the media, including the name of the person who was responsible for the animal. Exposure and justice are what I am calling for.

— Petra Bellamy

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