Proceed with ‘Kaution’

cropoverkamasutraApproach with “kaution”, because they will be “twerking” on the road.

That’s the advice of the Foreday Mornin’ band, KamaSutra, whose theme for this year is none other than Kaution.

Band leader Rodney King said he and partners, Jonathan Ramsay and Sadio Harris, had tossed around several ideas before settling on Kaution as this year’s theme.

As the band was known for its bright colours and florescents, King said the theme allowed them to still work in the colours, but with black as their base colour.

“So we wanted a little bit of danger, a little bit of intrigue, hence the name. One of the catch phrases for the season is ‘twerk’, so you will see on the back of the shirts, ‘Crew @ Twerk — No Discipline’ which is synonymous with bad behaviour.

“We tend to be ahead of the curve. We find that things we do start trending the following year, with the Foreday increasing from last year once again and it is becoming very popular. The newer bands tend to got towards the costume concept with swimsuits, but we decided to stick with shirts because just like last year, we believe that Foreday Mornin’ is a T-shirt band concept — leave the costumes for Kadooment Day,” he added.

He said he believed bands could be creative with the bottoms to pair with the Ts, whether the revellers decided to cut up the shirts into different designs or not.

Last year, with the theme Kandyland, the group catered to 350, but due to demand ended up with a band of 100-plus more members. King said even ahead of their launch, faithful patrons and others who had seen them on the road last year were calling to find out when registration would begin.

“We are aiming for the beginning of next month, June 1 to get that all done. We are just waiting on one of our locations for confirmation and then we will go from there,” said King, adding that this year they were looking for about 500-600 members.

While sponsorship was especially tough this year, the KamaSutra crew said they were working with whatever they could to make sure the band hit the streets for the mud and paint mass. (LB)

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