Captivating works of art

Terrence Piggott - Cane Cutters
Terrence Piggott – Cane Cutters

Diversity, variety and multiplicity are all words to describe The Bridgetown Gallery.

The showcase titled Eclectic highlights work from several different artists. The captivating works of art are all done for different reasons covering various subjects and mediums representing each style.

A huge work of six feet by twelve feet called ‘Cane Cutters’ by Terrence Piggott, pen and ink washes by Dr. Henry Fraser, acrylic painting by Arthur Atkinson as well as work by Cathy Alkins, Hilary Armstrong, Yasmin Vizcarrondo, Tiffani Forde,†Carole Cadogan, Gina Foster, tanya foster, Jacqui Cuke, Amanda Hunte,†Julie King, Michael McChlery, Katalin, Kirsten Dear, Jeanette Gittens, Hilary Warren, Gina Foster, Paulette P√t√, Amanda Hunte, Jacqui Cuke, Anne Dodson, Chris Alleyne, Andy Peirce, Elizabeth Stewart, Tanya Foster, Victor Collector, Susan Layton, Linda Tudor, Maria Espeut, and Lillian Sten.

The gallery which is located on the second floor of the Sheraton Mall, is open from noon until daily.

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