Lejend in the making

by Kimberley Cummins

cropoverlejendthebandOne of Barbados’ newest musical groups has no plans on sitting and waiting for someone to give them an opportunity.

They are going out there, getting in your faces, getting involved with everything and making opportunities and a name for themselves.

If Barbadians had no idea who the†Lejend Band was before, after their national debut last Saturday night at this year’s first LIME/HOTT 95.3 FM Cavalcade, it is sure they know now.

Performing a mixture of both young and old calypsos, in addition to their original Crop-Over 2013 contribution, Ah Feeling It, they had the Dover Christ Church playing field audience rocking.†

The young group, which started in 2011, is made up of all males ages 17 to 21. The drum machinist is Micah Humprey, bass guitarist – Mario Rollins, keyboardist – Trevaugh Cyrus, Mario Aimey is on drums, the rhythm guitarist is Allan McDowell and the three lead singers are: Jonathan Jeffrey, Joaquin Brewster and Vincent Smith who, it is fair to say is as good a dancer as he is a singer.

Manager of the band Catherine Best-Cumberbatch speaking to Bajan Vibes immediately after their performance said she was very proud of the boys. She said though it is widely believed that bands in Barbados are not profitable these young men came together because they wanted an avenue to display their art and believes by coming together as a band was the best option. Each of them is very musically inclined; they can all play different instruments including the lead singers.

“Bear in mind they are young people and in our society you find that young boys usually get a lot of bashing so therefore what you want to do is create an environment where they can expose their talents. Hence they came together, formed the band and we are going to try now to make it bigger and get more people know about them,” she said. “We are going back into the studio to do some more work but we are trying to create a forum where more people know about these young men. Knowing that they are positive young people and most of them are still at school,” she said.

Members of the band attend the Combermere School, Harrison College, the Barbados Community College, or the University of The West Indies,” Best-Cumberbatch added.

“Now that we are trying to make our mark within the industry we are hoping that persons will come and show us love as well and gravitate towards what we do and just give us the opportunity to have that exposure. Hopefully people will hear about us and we will get some more gigs.

“We really want to go within the region and internationally so we are putting things in place to get to that stage. After Crop-Over we will continue because there are other things we have to do. We will continue to practise and do our performance as normal because you never know when someone will call you so we always put things in place that we can be called upon any time to do performances.”

Ah Feeling It is a groovy soca song which was written by Tony Rebel Bailey along with Mark Sandiford and produced by Rage and Rebel Production. It was released to radio stations on May 2 and so far the feed back has been all good reviews.

The Lejend Band sings all genres of music but they tend to lean more towards alternative pop, in the past they have performed for Operation Arise, at the Reggae Lounge, the Boat yard, McBride’s, school pageants and school fairs. kimberleycummins@barbadostoday.bb††††

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