Operations running smooth again

Business at the several police departments are now back up and running at normal after being affected by rains and other issues.

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector David Welch said yesterday that there had been several issues that affected the smooth running of operations at the Certificate of Character, Juvenile Liaison Scheme and Community Policing in the City, but most of those had been or were being resolved to allow the reopening of those departments.

“Over the last week, week-and-a-half we had some inclement weather and we have had some on and off issues relative to leakage in the roof and it became worse where several of our offices, namely Certificate of Character, Juvenile Liaison Scheme and Community Policing Department were affected. At one point we had to close those offices.

“In recent times, the air condition unit became faulty and that too added to the discomfort of staff and displacement of staff and we had to work towards addressing those problems and I can say from the interaction with the administration of the force, we realised that one of the air condition units have been repaired and it is business as usual at this point in time,” said Welch.

The inspector, who handles the media and public relations areas of the force, said Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin had visited the area and at that time the air condition problem was also being dealt with.

“We must apologise to members of the public for the inadequate service that would have pertained at some point in time because of the conditions, but you will see an improvement with regards to that,” he added.

He however could not say whether there would be extended hours, particularly with regard to the certificates of character which might now have a backlog due to the closures. (LB)

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