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Dear Diary,

I attended my fourth prenatal class on Sat April 25th 2013. I was feeling extremely tired because I hadn’t exercised in a while, believe it or not exercising makes me feel a lot more energised etc.

lovingmepregdiariesI am in my third trimester now and as they say time flies when you’re having fun and I’ve been having a lot of that at my prenatal classes, lol. My baby is getting bigger which I am very excited about, I am feeling a lot of movement some of which freaks me out at times and also makes me laugh.

It’s so amazing!!!

I am really enjoying my pregnancy and treasuring every moment, I am also taking a lot of pics because the time is quickly approaching for me to give birth to my beautiful baby.

I am feeling some pressure on my hips, butt and back which can sometimes have me feeling stiff and sore because of my growing baby. When I exercise, however, it improves my posture and gets my back, hips and butt muscles in shape which also eliminates the soreness and back pain. We did something new at class which was called a band pull through, which strengths your hamstring and buttocks.

My feet were swollen leading up to class but I took a walk around my neighbourhood and that helped a lot with the circulation, and I also did some stretches which did my body good because I was experiencing cramp in my legs and also back pain. When I arrived at class most of the mothers hadn’t arrived yet.

Renee informed us about something new she was doing; she told us she would be having 3 indoor sessions, 1 outdoor session and 1 informational session. Everyone thought it was a great idea and was really excited.

We did our usual warm up exercises, cardio which involved moving our waste a little more than usual. As usual Renee had us laughing and enjoying ourselves.

After the cardio we cooled down and that concluded class.

*Excited Mummy-to-be

Jannelle Shallow

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