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Funny the kind of things you can find on Facebook. I use Facebook just to see photographs or if someone has mistakenly posted a message for me. I say mistakenly, because I do not live on Facebook, except of course as I said earlier just to see what Bajantube or similar photographers have produced.

You can also find the latest cure all and advice on herbal wonder plants, etc, etc. I noticed one such posting from one of my FB friends. This posting listed some pain killers in the kitchen, yes they are found in the kitchen and not one of them was Panadol!

I will list them today, but will try to list also why or how they work.

Muscle pain with ginger

Studies show that adults who took two grams of ginger as a daily oral supplement reduced exercise-related muscle pain by 23-25 per cent. Participants took ginger over 11 days as a supplement to prevent pain rather than as an acute pain reliever.

Ginger may be an effective pain management alternative if someone can’t tolerate anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen or aspirin. The antioxidants in ginger suppress cellular production of nitric oxide, a compound that produces toxic free radicals that promote tissue damage and inflammation. Research also shows that ginger reduces the production of pro-inflammatory compounds in the joints.

Another recent study that focused on topical applications of ginger demonstrated that ginger pastes or plasters could penetrate the skin and have an anti-inflammatory effect on underlying tissues. This study, which showed that a ginger poultice reduced tissue swelling in mice, suggested that similar preparations of ginger could provide the same relief to humans.

Toothache with clove

I knew this one, as cloves and clove oil have eased many a toothache for me. Cloves have long been revered for their antiseptic and anesthetic properties: both fresh cloves and dehydrated forms are effective in the relief of toothache pain.

Cloves were used as far back as 200 BC in China for the relief of toothache pain. Clove oil contains Eugenol, which has a bactericidal, anesthetic quality that makes it an effective natural painkiller.

Heartburn with cider vinegar

Heartburn occurs when the muscle that leads to the stomach becomes weakened, thus causing that muscle not to close tightly enough, culminating in the stomach acid leaving the stomach and travelling up into the esophagus. According to the Nil Heartburn website, the pain from heartburn may result from too little acid in the stomach or foods too low in acid, causing the muscle to relax.

In this case, apple cider vinegar may help tighten the muscle to bring relief. Seems plausible to me, but I wonder if this is a case of negative feedback and the increased acidity of the vinegar, causing the body to stop producing its’ own acid. But search as I might I saw no documented factual data, however people swear by it.

Endometrial pain with oats

A daily bowl of oatmeal could sooth endometrial pain. Endometriosis occurs when little bits of the uterine lining detach and grow outside of the uterus.

Experts say these attached cells can turn menstruation into a misery, causing so much inflammation that they trigger severe cramping during the menstrual period, plus a heavy ache that drags on all month long.

Fortunately, scientists say opting for a diet rich in oats can help reduce endometrial pain for up to 60 per cent of women within six months. That’s because oats don’t contain gluten, a trouble-making protein that triggers inflammation in many women, making endometriosis difficult to bear, explains Peter Green, M.D., professor of medicine.

Mouth sores with honey

It is believed the antibacterial properties of honey, get rid of the bacteria that caused the mouth ulcer. Sufferers of mouth ulcers either took the honey or swished the mouth out with a honey-water mixture. Studies were conducted on chemotherapy induced mouth ulcers, and again honey was found to heal these lesions faster.

Leg cramps with tomato juice

Some leg cramps are caused by potassium deficiency, so drinking a glass of tomato seems to replace the missing potassium.

Back pain with grapes

The resveratrol that gives red grapes their colour is a powerful compound that prevents the enzyme that causes tissue breakdown from working. Lab experiments have shown that the red grape protects against the destruction of cartilage that causes back pain. No prizes for working out which other resveratrol containing product can also be used, yes you guessed it, a bottle of red vino.

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