Celebrating mums

lovingmemama“I am a distinctive, beautiful flower and a healing herb with a heart, a mind, breasts, buttocks, and a womb! I come with sacred earth medicine to heal myself” ~ Queen Afua, Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind and Spirit

This week’s article is dedicated to all the mothers, mothers-to-be and mothers-at-heart.

In today’s world, we women have survived centuries of oppression, suppression, matriarchal rape and degradation, historical misrepresentation and soul stripping….and yet we continue to RISE! There’s a cosmic summoning of women globally. It’s a call that was raised from around the 1950’s with the early ‘feminist’ movement. It’s a call that has grown louder and more of us are taking heed to be awakened… to be healed… to be empowered! It’s a universal sounding that is resonating within every womb and bringing woman together to form sisterhoods all across the globe – sisters who understand that they possess the power to heal themselves first.

Within the past five years, I too heeded this call. The years before that, I was caught in a cyclonic phase of searching for like-sisters to bring a completeness to my quest for lasting and fulfilling sisterhood. I joined religious sister circles and mainstream women’s groups; but found they lacked a fundamental element that I couldn’t identify. A missing piece to the puzzle was evident. But I didn’t know, at the time, what it was. So, I distanced myself from ‘women’s gatherings’ and functioned routinely at work and other social events.

At home, I started the personal work on creating the strongest sister I knew – a sister with whom I would be spending the rest of the days of my life. I developed a thirst to get to know her better, to understand, to bond with, to love and trust her unconditionally. She had been my guide from birth; but the one I consulted least in times of need/desire. As I built this durable relationship with myself, I also built the same relationship with my lone daughter. As I dove deeper into myself, I invited my daughter to join me on the journey, where we both loved ourselves first, which formed an amazing bond between the two of us. And by doing this, my sons were also taken on a journey that they would never learn about in school. They too, are learning themselves and gaining the ancient knowledge of respectful and honourable interactions with their counterparts, which will guarantee men of a difference for the future.

As my personal journey continued, I studied, researched and practised the ancient teachings of women. I listened to, read and watched the works Queen Afua, Sobonfu Some, Dr. Marimba Ani, and the likes. This journey included some ‘new age’ female practitioners as well and the teachings of the Tao and Tantra. Then, I had the epiphany, my birthchild, The Way of the Afrikan Jade Egg. This was the missing link – to build a strong and lasting sisterhood, each sister within the hood also has to be a strong and lasting individual. It became my mantra to build a strong sisterhood with strong sisters.

My practice has evolved considerably over the last 12 years, since its conception in May 2012- especially over the last two months (since participating in Saida Desilet’s March workshop held here in Barbados). I have had the pleasure of working with women, who also possess that inner desire to know and trust self and build a strong(er) sisterhood.

The women who have attended my workshops or have done private sessions with me have reported a personal transformation, which they attribute to what they learned through the Waves of Bliss programme. However, I know it has less to do with the dissemination of the knowledge, but more a shift in their perceptions. For me, that’s all I aim for – to just simply plant a seed that will grow. All it takes is for each woman to experience that shift in how they see themselves first, and the world around them.

Celebration of life

I have seen women celebrate their lives and live life all over again. Especially those who choose to go on to the five-week Amrita Amore programme where small groups of women meet weekly to go deeper into the practice. Women have learned (in most cases) for the first time, the composition of the female anatomy. How many of you know that there are seven openings of the vulva? That’s your homework!

Women all over the world are learning what they were never taught in school or by their mothers and grandmothers. Women are unlearning the disempowering indoctrinations of the various societal structures, and relearning what it means and has always meant to be a woman -to be a nurturer, lover, caregiver, creator, healer of herself, first, and for her family, community and nation. Women are learning to let their beauty shine from the inside out. They are learning the importance of removing the shackles of personal imprisonment based on the stereotypes imposed on them by society. They are learning to cultivate and harness their personal power based on integrity. They are learning to confront their personal challenges (abuse, low self esteem, lack of self love, etc) and rise above them. They are respectfully learning their bodies and honouring their birthright to live fully, sensually and vibrantly. They are learning to speak their truths and command the respect that is due on to them, by respecting themselves first. They are learning the power which lies in bonding together as women. Women are honouring their divinity.

Miraculously – yet intentionally, women hold a microcosm of the Universe in their wombs. Women are the foundation of the world – all life comes through women. This week, I honour, celebrate and elevate all women of the world!

If you celebrate women, feel free to send me an email at info@wavesofblissbarbados.com and visit my website at www.wavesofblissbarbados.com for more information on female healing and empowerment.

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