Out of line!

Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite was “out of line” and his comments about the MESA chairman, Ralph Boyce, were harsh.

That was the consensus of the men who attended the Annual General meeting of the Men’s Educational Support Association at The St. Michael School, Martindale’s Road, St. Michael last Wednesday.

The Attorney General, while addressing the Annual General Meeting of Soroptimist International of Jamestown, apologised to the women of Barbados who might have felt insulted by comments made by MESA Chairman Boyce, suggesting earlier this month that DNA tests should be required for every child in Barbados.

MESA noted that the men vented their feelings on this issue at the meeting, and “wondered whether the Attorney General was trying to appease the women while being critical of men”.

“The idea of DNA testing is one that merits mature and dispassionate discussion. The attempt to discredit a reputable ‘messenger’ is quite unacceptable. The men noted that the Attorney General is one of Government’s main advisers on legislation, including Family Law, and wondered whether he can be truly seen to hold an even balance when it comes to matters of gender.

“The members expressed dissatisfaction and discontent with the criticism leveled at the Chairman, Mr. Boyce by the Attorney General, particularly where he referred to him as ‘some character’,” MESA said in a release, adding that Brathwaite’s “unwarranted and harsh criticism was an attack on MESA and on men generally”.

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