Celebrating their pastor

Reverend Ronald Trotman and his wife Cynthia
Reverend Ronald Trotman and his wife Cynthia

During this month, the Berean Bible Church, located at the corner of Passage and Baxter’s Road, will have a month of celebrations for their pastor, the Reverend Ronald Trotman and his wife Cynthia.

On Sunday, May 26, there will be the grand finale in the form of a luncheon at the St. Leonard’s Boys’ School Auditorium, commencing at 1 p.m.

May is special as it is the month the pastor commenced his ministry at the church, but it is also the month in which he will celebrate his 70th birthday and the couple’s 44th wedding anniversary.

Pastor Trotman and his wife have a daughter, Patrice, who is married to Rickie Neblett, and two grand children, Gavin and Nathan.

In his earlier years, Trotman ministered in Jamaica and Dominica before returning to Barbados. Thereafter, he officially became pastor of the Berean Bible Church on May 1, 1973 and has had unbroken service since that day. Well loved and respected by the congregation, Trotman has ministered to generations of persons who attended services there over the years.

The Berean Bible Church is reaching out to all persons who have been influenced by or have shared fellowship with Trotman and his wife in any way over the years. They are welcome to attend the church service each Sunday in the month of May as well as attend the luncheon on Sunday, May 26. Interested persons can contact Major Patrick Skeete at 239-3689 or pskeete@gmail.com.

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