Two St. Michael communities were thrown into a state of shock at the circumstances surrounding the death of 64-year-old Brenda Belle last night.

This morning, residents of St. Barnabas and Cutting Road, Haggatt Hall could be seen gathering on neighbours’ verandahs speaking in hushed tones as the Barbados TODAY vehicle passed by.

Public Relations Officer for the Royal Barbados Police Force Inspector David Welch told the newspaper they were investigating the “unusual circumstances” of Belle’s death around 9:20 last night, allegedly at the hands of her husband of 12 years.

“The suspect went into the house where she and a male companion were. The suspect broke the windows and the two ran out. He caught her and chopped her about the body [and] Belle died at the scene,” he said.

The police also believed a fire at the home of Belle and her husband was connected to the incident.

The suspect is currently in custody at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he is receiving treatment after drinking “a noxious substance.”

Eyewitnesses living in Cutting Road said they saw the Guyanese woman’s dead body.

Speaking under anonymity, they said that Belle’s male companion escaped the suspect, wearing a tee-shirt and boxers and ran to their house in an attempt to call the police.

“[The male companion] run hay so and ask to use the phone. He like he was so frighten, all he dial was two, two, two all de time,” one woman revealed.

Giving his name only as “Gregg”, another neighbour added: “Last night he went there with a machete and t’ing and see the man inside de house. … He brek out the windows with the machete and when he see she in there he went after she with the machete…”.

They believed someone else eventually called the police who arrived “seven minutes later.”

“She was up underneath the tree and when we went under there and look at she, she was bleeding real bad and her fingers and vagina was chop off… She did already chop up too bad,” the neighbours continued.

“When he did done, he get on the bicycle and ride off like nothing ain’t happen.”

The eyewitnesses revealed they had seen the woman in the area before her demise, remarking she was “a quiet woman” who spoke very little to others in the area.

The suspect’s family was visibly distraught when Barbados TODAY visited this morning.

“He don’t have the right to take anybody life. My brother was wrong,” a relative asserted.

Other family members chose not give an interview, simply saying, “Ya’ll come after people left and I don’t want to be rude because this is a part of ya’ll job description, but this is hard to do. Everybody want a story.” (LW)

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  1. Fiona Waldron May 2, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    I am unbelievable saddened and angered by this lady’s death. That the RBPF used bureaucracy to fob her off, that neighbours could stand by and watch someone take a life….. First, the RBPF procedures for dealing with domestic abuse ought to be subject to some form of enquiry. They cannot be allowed to not take these report seriously. Secondly, surely there were three or four strong men in that crowd of spectators who could have at least slowed this guys down with a couple of blows with some 2x4s. We in Barbados like to say, if it was my family, i woulda do this and I woulda do that. In other words we would have helped the person in distress only if they were related to us. That philosophy is going to backfire big time because one day your one of your relatives will be in a position like this and no one will come forward to help.


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