Licensing Authority improving customer satisfaction

nisesurveypublicsectorThe Licensing Authority seems to be making some headway towards improved customer service in their day-to-day operations.

That’s the assessment of National Initiative for Service Excellence head, Kim Tudor, who said today at the release of the findings of the newest study into professional and general services that feedback so far has indicated that the authority has been working on its service to the public.

“I would say that in terms of documented evidence in that we get letters and people call and so forth, Licensing Authority has made the most improvements. I don’t have anything in place that gives me anything from Water Authority or any of the others.

“The Post Office still continues to get very high commendations and so forth. The hospital has their own initiative, a quality management initiative, going in place and they have seen some reductions in terms of Accident and Emergency where they were measuring; but again they have different kinds of challenges that can be set back. They have put a whole review system in place where they are continuing to measure the 100 day improvements,” said the Chief Executive Officer.

In last year’s study, the Licensing Authority scored overall satisfaction of 58 per cent, placing it in the bottom rung of public sector agencies, with the Water Authority averaging 70 per cent, the Post Office leading with 80 per cent and the QEH with 69 per cent.

The latest survey conducted between January and April this year gave beauty and personal care professionals a 90 per cent satisfaction rating; private doctors 87 per cent; lawyers 68 per cent and residential building contractors, inclusive of electricians, plumbers, masons etc, 65 per cent.

Tudor added: “The thing is, we would want for example, the doctors and lawyers, we did signal to their organisations that we were going to measure and we would have given them a chance to look at the survey instruments, etc. But we would like them to work more closely with us so that they can use the information to improve.

“This is information that someone like the Bar Association should really pay for and share with their members, this is what the public thinks. So that they as a collective can address it, because it costs us quite a bit of money to measure but we know what the public is saying and we measure what the public is saying and feed it back.” (LB)

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