supercentrefoodallclosedupIt is finally the end of the road for the five restaurants that operated upstairs the Super Centre Food Court in Warrens, St. Michael.

The outlets owners, who had been given until the end of last month to move out, have done so. Some customers who turned up this afternoon to buy lunch were taken by surprise at seeing the security shutters on all of the businesses, closed.

Only last Thursday, management of the Super Centre Group announced that work was expected to begin in August on a combination store that would involve the elimination of the food court.

The DaCosta Manning retail store, which is part of the Neal & Massy conglomerate, as is Super Centre, is to be relocate to the supermarket complex once renovations are completed.

Management also explained that redevelopment of the Super Centre buildings was part of an overview of the Neal & Massy Group of Companies in Barbados. About 25 employees are being dislocated as a result of the closure of the restaurants. (EJ)

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