Destroying natural beauty

In your paper dated April 29, 2013, on page 3, under the headline Preserving Strathclyde, was a very interesting article which says that the Government is trying to preserve some of the natural things that make Barbados unique.

But on the other hand, to see that after all these years their are still proper roads needed in areas of St. Michael is a shame.

When is the government going to take the time to see that what you think you are doing to beautify Barbados really is destroying its natural beauty? When are you going to do more to provide home grown food for the people of Barbados, and stop destroying land that can be used to provide food?

When are you going to realise that you might be growing in buildings and modernisation, but in doing so Barbados is taking on a whole new face that even many who comes to Barbados regularly are having problems understanding why your are destroying, and not really preserving one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean?

The same way that you are enforcing to preserve Strathclyde, then do likewise with other parts of Barbados that shouldn’t be commercialised.

I do agree that with the job situation you might try developing, or refurbish so many historical buildings that you have in Barbados, but instead you are making Barbados into an asphalt jungle. And while you are doing it you’re forgetting that your water demands are becoming greater.

Suggestion: Why not start replacing all the old underground pipelines that you are having problems with?

For some reason I have the feeling that the people who are calling the shots aren’t looking at any real long-range picture.

With you dependency on tourism, if things continue as far as the people who you are depending on are being bothered and robbed, things are going to get even worse.

Then to hear your finance minister telling you what you have to do after they have allowed the horse to get out of the barn. It is like putting the cart before the horse. Every time I see something in the Barbados Today from your financial minister, he seems to contradict what he said before.

I am still saying that the same way he’s making these suggestions to the people of Barbados to tighten their belts, the Government needs to do likewise. The Government is suppose to be for the people, but it seems that it’s good only for self.

— Charles Cadogan

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