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bytemewindows8Without a doubt one major advantage Apple has over Microsoft when it comes to owning multiple devices is the lack of a learning curve, as the interfaces, icons and function are very similar. People like this and Microsoft has begun to take a hint and it is starting to show.

First you would notice the changes made to Windows Phone and very similar approach made to Windows 8, I must admit that I wasn’t a big fan of the tile layout for either device but honestly have grown to love them.

With Surface following along as Windows’ answer to the tablet world, the user interface also kept the tile format alive and makes for an extremely snappy and smooth tab experience. Other facelifts have come in the form of Microsoft Office 2013, which brings a very mobile tab-like feel to desktop office, but sadly looks like it was designed by a seven year old on a single sheet of letter sized paper with a wax crayon.

This too I have grown accustomed to, still not in love with it but it upsets me less, and if you have logged into your Hotmail/MSN/ email address lately you would have also noticed some changes there.

Microsoft (thank God) seems to be shedding the excess weight of having several email domains and moving everything under its “” domain name. Oh, and the new interface is pretty close to the new version of Outlook found in the new 2013 Office Suite.

With all this effort being put in the comments from Todd Simmons, creative director, at Wolff Olins and Windows Phone studio manager, Albert Shum, talked about the company’s plans of rebranding and refacing its other brands

Speaking at Design Day 2013, the pair discussed the difficulties involved in an undertaking this large, with a major objective of changing some people’s thoughts and image of Microsoft.

“We’re still trying to figure out how to put a consumer face on this brand, as an ecosystem,” Simmons said, explaining how the team wanted to get away from the idea of Microsoft being a top-down, monolithic entity.

“Other brands are coming along too,” Simmons explained, teasing the audience with a pair of sketches. “Bing, Skype, Yammer, Xbox — everything is under development.”

And with their next generation gaming console big revel around the corner, a new logo doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

With no mention given to the once very popular MSN messenger, one could only believe it has died a natural death, or will be migrated into the Skype project. But like Wikipedia and the Internet was to the encyclopedia sector so was the smartphone and cross platform instant messengers to MSN and other computer based IMs, it’s just the natural cycle of technology.

I’m really excited about this ecosystem outlook Microsoft is talking and hope it goes well with the rebranding. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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