Just get on with job

I state the following regarding your story Major reform. Aside from the poor choice of language, the minister says one thing but does another. If Government were serious about fiscal discipline they would do something about it.

To start with, how about having all Government agencies and statutory corporations publish timely financial statements? That means annually.

Sadly years go by for many of them with no published financial statements. How is he managing these money holes?

Next follow the Auditor General’s Report. Each year the Auditor General dutifully publishes a report pointing out the areas where controls are poor and what needs to be improved in the management of the peoples money.

It’s the role of the Public Accounts Committee to review the reports and call on Government officers to account for and explain the shortcomings. Essentially hold people accountable for what they are required (by law) to do!

The Public Accounts Committee has not reviewed the Auditor Generals Report for five years! I suggest that sometimes its the dull boring stuff of doing things correctly and holding people accountable for what they should do that will win the day. No flashy medium term strategy required. No consultants and misconceived projects.

Prudence with the public purse, store away funds when times are good to smooth over tough times.

— Michael Goddard

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