Pushing the limits

by Kimberley Cummins

entbillykincaidIf you haven’t seen the music video to Billy Kincaid’s Freakend yet, you need to.

That’s because it is what some call “off the chain”.

The concept behind the video was to embody the elements that comprised a freak’s weekend, so there was a need to be excessive with everything done – sex, tattoos, alcohol, pill popping, drugs, partying, piercings… It was shot on location at Troy Forde’s tattoo parlour,Tattoo # 4, in Bay Street the City and directed by Life Over Death Productions.

It has all the elements of a hard core rock video Kincaid told Bajan Vibes in an interview yesterday at the Bay Garden in Oistins, Christ Church. Adding that because of the nature of the song there was no way that he could do something really tame, he had to go full out while filming the video. The youthful looking man has been a household name for close to a decade now and while his fans may be attached to the more “socially conscious” tracks he did before like: We Live On featuring Gabby or Fading Fast with the band Kite he declared that he had not gone too far from what they had grown to love with this number.

Reading comments below the video when it was posted on Facebook, some people were of the opinion that the video was a bit “dark” however because folks have been warming to it. Kincaid further noted the song was not the type which fit the stereotypical “rapper with model chicks” or “I pop bottles in the club and we partying, we got this expensive jewellery” video.

“From the time Troy put up the photo of me getting my noise pierced on the Sunday my phone won’t stop ringing. My dad called me… my mother was freaking out and I say ‘you know what let’s do the video’. When the video came out, everything was just dark but it fit because the song is called Freakend, it is basically about what freaks do on the weekend,” the Harrison College alumnus said.

“I always thought that fans had liked my dark material, We Live On with Gabby that is a dark song. I was talking about problems that was going on in Barbados, the issues and stuff and it wasn’t like I had any solutions. It was a socially conscience song but still dark at the end of the day. The same thing with Fading Fast I did with Kite and Deepu Panjwani, that was also a sad song where it was still dark in nature. When I put out West Indian with Barry Chandler like nobody didn’t care, I had this song about happiness, how good it is to be a West Indian and the partying life and that we love cricket but nobody cared.

“I will have happy songs and I will have songs that are clean if not positive but people just need to gravitate towards my dark material more,” he said.

Apart from this new track Kincaid has a lot of other new music which he recorded, performed and travelled up and down New Jersey when he was living there for close to a year. Back in Barbados he is still very much working hard in the studio and was even offered a few Crop-Over tracks to record.

Though Freakend is doing really well, he told Bajan Vibes he planned not to dwell over this success too much. Though a bit hesitant to release the music recorded in new Jersey here because of fear it may not be well received Kincaid said he planned to tap into any and every market to get his music out there.

“I just plan to put out the songs I got, I don’t plan to stick up, I have to put out a whole bunch of videos, I got to go to the UK in a next couple weeks to record stuff, I gine tap into that UK culture a little bit, but mainly I will be putting out videos until I get the buzz going after that I really don’t know what I will do yet.

“I obviously want to take it the furtherest place possible but it will take a couple years of hard work to do that and being really, really consistent because from performing in New York and Philadelphia I realise everything goes fast and you can’t really tell yourself I’m going to plan for this or plan for that, the most you can do is put out your music all the time, people listen to the music. Hopefully the radio will catch on so that they will start playing the songs- I can’t stick.”


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