New Red Book on the market

Andrew Mallalieu.
Andrew Mallalieu.

Local real estate firm, Terra Caribbean has announced the release of the sixth edition of their comprehensive property guide.

This annual publication provides accurate and reliable information on the current Barbados real estate market. The Red Book 2013 not only features a wide array of luxury, residential and commercial properties available on the local market, but also features some very insightful articles.

Chief Executive of Terra Caribbean, Andrew Mallalieu, said: “I hope that you the readers enjoy this our sixth publication, and you will agree that we have again found a way to improve on the presentation of key market data to help you make informed decisions.”

Director of Marketing and Franchise, Kathy-Dawn Burke, echoed these sentiments, stating: “This year we have enhanced the overall layout and presentation of the book. We have an expanded luxury section by our sister company Bajan Services, a well-arranged compilation of development properties from the south to the west coast, a wide variety of residential and commercial sales and rentals across the island, and an informative Pink Pages section featuring articles from knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the sector.”

Featured writers in the book this year include William P. Mallalieu, a veteran in the real estate industry, who gives a detailed account of the evolution of Cattlewash, and attorney-at-law, Warren Mottley, who speaks on legal fees associated with land registration.

Chief Operating Officer at Terra Caribbean, Hayden Hutton, “provides an accurate assessment of the real estate cycle in Barbados” while Chief Executive, Andrew Mallalieu “opens The Pink Pages with an insightful overview of emerging trends within the industry and outlines what steps need to be taken to ensure growth and efficiency in years to come”.

A statement from Terra said: “Sir Anthony Bamford made a sincere contribution to the publication, opening the book with an article titled A Passion for Barbados that gives a glowing account of his experience on island including his interaction with the people, his experience conducting business and his feelings towards investments.”

Andrew Mallalieu also spoke on investing in local real estate, explaining, “purchasers making a real estate acquisition for long term enjoyment or return, will find significant opportunities in today’s market. Those looking for a quick ‘buck’ are likely to be disappointed.”

The Red Book is intended to give its readers guidance as they navigate the industry.

“As you go through the Red Book, you are provided with an accurate picture of the real estate market in Barbados at present,” said Andrew.

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