Misusing welfare system

I have just read a very interesting article in the Barbados Today dated April 22, 2013 on page 3. It had something to do with welfare, and also showed pictures of weapons that were taken into the Welfare office. Along with a picture of a young man who was dressed to impress.

I looked up the word “welfare”, and this is part of what I’ve came up with:

Welfare can take a variety of forms, such as monetary payments, subsidies and vouchers, or housing assistance. Welfare systems differ from country to country, but welfare is commonly provided to individuals who are unemployed, those with illness or disability, the elderly, those with dependent children, and veterans. A person’s eligibility for Welfare may also be constrained by means testing or other conditions.

Honestly, I do not want to seem insensitive in regards to people who are really in need of help from the Government, but keeping it real, many who are claiming to be in need are able to dress and attend just about any function that jumps off in Barbados. By any chance have those of you who are able to do for yourselves ever took the time to think of what you are doing to others who might be more in need of help than you are? I don’t think so.

And to add insult to injury, when you can go to your elected officials for help and they send you to the welfare office with the understanding that you have the right to the taxpayers’ money, that’s pretty sad.

I am quite sure that if some investigations were carried out on a regular basics that many of you wouldn’t get a dime from the Government.

I am sure that things aren’t the way they should, or could, be, but to go on someone job and threaten them because you feel that you are entitled to Government funds is a bit much.

I read the Barbados Today every week that it’s sent to me, and I see all the different functions that are being held in Barbados. The attendance is off the chain, plus the folks are looking like a million dollars. They don’t seem to matter paying to have a good old time, and I am quite sure that all in attendance aren’t working either.

Take yourselves out of the system. Strive towards Independence, do not allow yourselves to become dependent on the Government, or anyone else. Do not allow your pride to overcome your better judgement to better yourself by legal means.

Remember that you owe yourself more than what the Government can give to you.

Many elderly people needs the Government’s help more so than you that are able to do more for self. Hate me if you want to, even think that I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s the same dumb situation here in the US with people who are misusing the welfare system.

— Charles Cadogan

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  1. p johnson April 26, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    I agree 100% with Mr Cadogan. It would appear that Barbadians today believe the government should be providing for them. People need to have some self respect and work and strive for what they want dont just sit and wait for things to be handed to them. I often hear of women and children in dilapidated housing expecting the welfare to ‘sort’ them out but there’s hardly any mention of the father(s) why arent the mothers taking them to court for assistance why arent welfare making sure these fathers take on their responsibilities. Lets be real and help those in genuine need. Stop handing out ‘freeness’ to those who simply shout the loudest. What upset me recently was the grandmother who was given a free house for her and her grandchildren, where is the children mother, where is the father? The grandmother even had the cheek to beg for a fridge, t.v and to boot DVD why stop there why not ask for flatscreen, washing machine and dishwasher to top it off.

  2. Tony Webster April 27, 2013 at 6:11 am

    Coming out of slavery, into the bright light of Independence, it is easily understandable that an opressed and disadvantaged people, would seek to put right such horrendous treatment, and to raise the average lot of those now living free and decent lives, but where many were impoverished.

    The bright light of independence not only gave us the right to rule ourselves, but illuminated the fact that all must be EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW. And for all to have equal OPPORTUNITY.Therefore, although the Anglican Church had done so much to educate the masses ( and also gave us a spiritual and moral foundation of great and lasting value), it’s privileged place just “had to go”…hence “Dis-establishment”.

    However, surely we all realise that we are now some four decades on, and while we are masters of our destiny, we need also to be masters of wise policies and priorities?. True, we still have the poor with us (plus folks at Bush Hill), and need to meet – within our national resources-the basic NEEDS of any folks genuinely destitute- after checking that family and relatives have done all they can- and should- to assist!

    However, “welfare” for such folks has evidently morphed into a handy political tool for who are so insecure in their positions of power, that they constantly feel compelled a need to curry favour with voters… have their thirty seconds of glory on TV-8. So, we now have a caricature of a worthy ideal. We have even seen reported cases where a house was deliberately burned, in order to get a new one, courtesy of the friendly “Representative” (read: courtesy the tax payers). Need we remind again, of the folly of giving a man a fish, instead of a fishing-line?

    Real pride comes with hard work, and accomplishment. We need to re-set our national priorities, and correct attitudes which distort and actually hinder the limitless potential within every breathing bajan: to shape their individual goals; to work hard; to achieve; to perform at our personal very best, each and every day. THIS is the way to shape our national development, national character; and national achievement. Passing laws and sugary speeches on TV8, just ain’t gonna cut it.

    Oh shoots, I nearly forgot: we also need leadership of the highest order. That national cake we are baking, is not going to “come out” right, no matter how much “free” egg and “free” butter we use…without this crucial ingredient. The future- and that cake- awaits… our children.


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